Winemaker’s on Deck: Evan Schiff

winemakers on deck

Evan Schiff wearing a black and red Coppola baseball hat.

What is your favorite ballpark food? 
Cracker Jacks

Most fun tailgate activity is:
Using a Weber Charcoal BBQ

If you could sneak any bottle of Coppola wine into the ballpark which one would it be? 
Diamond Malbec

Would you rather go through harvest or sit through 30 innings of a baseball game? 
Both are Marathons, but 30 innings of baseball are shorter and easier (for the spectator).

Who is your favorite baseball player and why? 
Jim Abbott. He overcame having one hand and still was a top-notch pitcher.

If you had to pick one dip to eat forever, what would it be? 

Baseball hat, beret, fedora hat, beanie or cowboy hat? 
Definitely a baseball hat.

If you were a baseball player, what would your walk out song be? 
AC/DC, Thunderstruck

What position would you play if you were recruited to play for a weekend?  Catcher